Our Proud History

The family-centred company was founded in 1983. It was initially small, and made possible by Tom and Terry Sharp's father, Tom Sharp Senior, who helped the founders purchase their first mini skip loader, along with ten mini skips.

To start with, Tom Junior drove the first lorry while brother Terry continued to operate a separate business the brothers had established. The mini skip business became a success, and larger vehicles were bought to meet demand.

Over the years since 1983, the company has grown year on year and now operates a large fleet of vehicles, as well as employing many staff from the local community.

Many family members have and still work for the company.

Tom and Doreen Sharp

After years of seeing his sons build on the successes of the company, Tom Sharp Senior sadly passed away on the 3rd July 2014. His involvement was fundamental to the beginnings thanks to his initial support and in driving the companies lorries until the age of 77.

Doreen Sharp, sadly passed on 15th September 2017. She, like Tom, was fundamental to the company in the early days, answering phone enquiries from the front room of her home and continuing to work at the Rainham depot long after.